USA Mortgage

Jason Garcia


Jason has been delivering outstanding service to individuals and families in Missouri for over 7 years. Honesty and clear communication are of the utmost importance to Jason, when dealing with people and their financial interests. You will find that he takes the time to fully educate all of his clients on the potential pros-and-cons of every mortgage product that they can qualify for. Through his years of practice, and unwavering desire to provide a fully transparent experience, no question will go unanswered. His goal is not only to match you up with the best mortgage product, based on your goals, but also to ensure you fully understand the entire process.

As a full service lender, USA Mortgage offers a diversified portfolio of products including FHA, VA, First-Time Homebuyer, MHDC, 203k Renovation, and many other financing options. To aide in the successful processing and closing of your home loan, USA offers in house processing, underwriting, closing, and a title company to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout the home loan process. Whether it is your first home, or the refinance of your 2nd home, we will make certain that your loan gets our exclusive attention along with the comfort of knowing that your mortgage selection best suits YOUR needs. Myself and the entire USA Mortgage team look forward to working with you. Please call me at 636-373-3305 or email me at with any questions or if I can assist you in any aspect with your home loan financing.